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What does it really take to
increase online sales?
Are you offering information, services, products, or generating sales leads on the web?

Targeted Internet traffic, people looking for what you have to offer, is the first key to being a success online.

Imagine every person who comes to your web site arrives because they found out that you have what they want RIGHT NOW.

Okay. So then what? Someone found you and discovered that you have what they want at the exact instant when they were looking...

What do you do now?

The cold truth is that with almost everything sold on the Internet, the product itself, the presentation, and the transaction to receive that product is without doubt more important to potential and past buyers than who is selling it.

Consumer loyalty isn't a part of the past. In fact, gaining trust and building a rapport with your client is as important as it ever was. However, it is now EASIER THAN EVER to gain the attention of people and TURN average web site VISITORS INTO BUYERS.

Some companies think of their web site as an opportunity to tell the world about themselves. That strategy works really well if they happen to be their only product.

Unless buyers want what you have, unless you have convinced them that you are the best to provide the answer to their needs, they WILL move on. They WILL continue looking ELSEWHERE.
The sales opportunity that you earned will go to your competitors, one-by-one, until someone gives them the conditions they are looking for in a purchase.

"My mission is to help you answer the following questions in your online business strategy as just a beginning..."

How do search engines currently see your website when they visit and how can that impact the number of people that can find you?

What difference does it make? A TON!

What can you do to ethically and wisely improve your search engine rankings?

There are dozens of quick-fix shady ways
that can do more harm than good
but you want to be in for the long haul.

How do you insure that your web site is found by a human being with money at the exact moment that they want what you have to offer?

Being at the right place at the right time is everything.

What can be done so that your website receives more traffic than it has ever before or maybe more than you even dreamed possible?

How do you only pay for advertising that works and not have to pay for anything that doesn't?

How can you maximize the return on each advertising dollar?


How is it possible to increase sales from the very same amount of traffic (the traffic you have BEFORE you build more)?

How do you make it as easy as you can for people to do business with you online?

What is the first thing that someone wants to see when they visit your web site and how can you make sure that they see it?

Hint: The customer comes first.

What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in building your good name online and making people so INSANELY HAPPY with you that they urge their friends to buy from you too?

This is THE SECRET that separates the
good online businesses from THE BEST!

How can you stay in touch with clients and have them come back again, and again, and again?

My name is William Starrett. Since I founded Wide Open Media in 1996 I have helped people just like you build their businesses by increasing the number of extremely interested and qualified visitors to their websites.

Experience shows that bringing targeted traffic to a website that is well prepared to do business will ultimately lead to an increase in sales. Our tested skill in rapidly customizing a marketing solution to your needs and goals will be of benefit to your online business.

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Ensuring that you attract attention, present your solutions, and "have your game on" in converting traffic to sales is our business.

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Wide Open Media delivers results by helping you bring ready-to-buy visitors to your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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